Sunday, September 19, 2010

Art to Benefit California Coastal Horse Rescue

I am very excited to announce that starting today I will be 
painting and drawing 50 horses in 50 days and 15% of the profits will be 
given to California Coastal Horse Rescue in Ojai. The equine artwork 
will consist of drawings and paintings. Some will be small 
and some larger. The styles will also vary and will include 
impressionistic, expressionistic, and abstract. 

  California Coastal Horse Rescue in Ojai provides food, shelter, 
rehabilitation, medical care, and adoption services for horses that have 
been abused, abandoned or neglected. This is an opportunity for 
me to help those horses. It's also going to be a growing experience 
for me as an artist. I hope you will follow along and watch 
my progress over the next 50 days! 

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