Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ruth Andre Painting - Gold Country Oak

I lived in the flat lands of Southeast Missouri for 12 years and when my husband and I moved back to California we chose to move to the northern part of the state.  We are in what is called the "Gold Country" due to the Gold Rush started right here at Sutter's Mill.  The change of scenery is amazing from the flat lands to the hills and mountains that reach high into the sky.  There are also rocks here and lots of them, a big no-no for farm land.  Here the land is cattle country and during those early years rocks were stacked and stacked upon one another to form fencing to hold the cattle and horses that must of roamed the hills but were corralled to certain owned acreage with miles and miles of rock fencing.  The rock fences stand today and they are really works of art with natures colorful beauty shining through.  Traveling the hills of Sutter Creek made for, "A Painting Day".

"Gold Country Oak"-5x7.5-inches, oil/canvas by Ruth Andre sold

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