Thursday, April 28, 2011

Small abstract by Lynne Cunningham

"Pink Dilemma" 
painted April 27th

oil & oil pastels on canvas; available
7" x 6" (unframed)
$75., USD (shipping within continental U.S. only)

To purchase, email me and I will send you a Paypal receipt.
A credit card is needed, but not a Paypal account

Trying out new colors, new shapes for a new show.  Switching over to abstracts, I love to play with design, gestural paintstrokes and texture while painting . . . . and COLOR!  I love pink.  All shades and hues of pink.  This small painting in a retro color palette would go great on white or pale walls.

Fresh off the easel, this painting will need to dry for 1 week before mounting on panel / shipping. 

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To read more about the artist, see the website:  the website

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