Friday, July 6, 2012

Large Plein Air painting: "Firecracker Pomegranate" by Lynne Cunningham

"Firecracker Pomegranate", oil on canvas, 

20" x 30", available

Large plein air painting completed July 6, 2012


 please contact through email if interested in purchase  email me 

I painted over successive evenings en plein air and posted the progress on my blog  .  It was a good painting challenge for myself and I finally got to painting the pomegranate shrub (tree!) that blooms with the incredibly beautiful vermillion-colored blossoms in early summer . . . everyone seems to have a story of eating pomegranates as a kid, their grandmother's tree or the different colored fruit they found at the farmer's market.  

They're beautiful when in bloom and in fruit.  Like pears, artists love to paint pomegranates . . .I know I do!

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