Monday, July 23, 2012

Zinnia Bouquet painting by Lynne Cunningham

"Zinnia Bouquet", oil on canvas

14" x 11", available unframed


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I think this ends the versions of zinnias I've been painting!  If you go to
 my blog for July  and see the entries there , I've been going out to a local zinnia field to paint en plein air.  Love those saturated colors!  Alongside the big zinnias are crepe myrtle blooms massed in the bouquet.  I have sunlight only on summer mornings in my studio so it was time to seize the chance.  Here it is, "Zinnia Bouquet", fresh off my easel.

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  1. The colors are just beautiful! Lovely!

  2. Hi Kimberly, and thanks for the comments. This is the color palette that my still-life paintings are usually painted in, a warm and bright palette. Glad you like this!